Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ways To Use Articles To Expand Your Online Business

By: Karl Sultana

So you created or have hired someone to create some articles. Did you know there are several ways you can benefit from these articles not just one or two ways?

First of all you can submit each article to article directories to get one way links. Even if you are not doing search engine optimization, you will still get benefit by doing article submission. You receive traffic as well.

Second you can put these articles on your website or blog. Create a new page for each article. Content is king on the Internet.

You can contact webmasters which have websites or blogs in your niche and tell them you wish to swap articles or contribute your articles to their blog. Both Blogger and Wordpress platforms allow you to add authors on your blog. So these webmasters can add you as an author and you can post your articles to their blogs whenever you wish.

Swapping articles means you post the webmasters articles on your blog or website and they put your articles on theirs. This has two benefits. Content and backlinks. Both help search engine rankings. Article exchanges are better than link exchanges, even though they are more difficult to do.

You can visit internet business related forums. See if they have a section where you can trade, swap or exchange links and private message users to ask them for an article exchange. You can also use this technique and contact webmasters asking them to become an author for their blog.

When you become an author of another blog, you can link to your own website from within the article, or by creating a bio. A bio is simple few lines of text that either promotes your websites or talks about you. In bio you put a link to your own website. So it is a win win situation. You can backlinks and the webmasters gets free content.

There are other places you can submit your articles like social bookmarking websites. Simple post your articles on your blog, then bookmark these blog posts.

There are several sites that accept stories, but usually approve also articles, not just stories. There are blog carnivals. These are websites that display top blog posts about a particular subject. There are thousands of blog carnivals on any topic, and you simple submit your blog posts that contain articles to these websites.

You can transform your articles into an ebook. You can put several chapters in the ebook, putting each article as a new chapter. You may want to edit it a bit and you have a ready made ebook. It might not be good idea to try and sell it, since the information is also on your blog for free.

But you can give it away for free and build a list. So people have to optin to your list in order to get a free copy of your ebook. You build your list, and they get free ebook. You can then promote products to your list once you build a relationship with them. But if you do not put the articles on your blog you can sell the ebook.

So do not just submit your articles to article directories like everyone else is doing. Be creative and you get more benefits.

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