Thursday, January 08, 2009

An Opportunity Beyond Your Wildest Dreams - Talk for FREE and Keep on building your fortune!


For the last two weeks, I have wanted to write this letter to you, but one thing or the other came in my way. It all began when I noticed a friend make an international call and speak for over (45) minutes! I was curious as to how he could afford such expensive calls. I went up to him and asked him and that’s when he said, no bill pal, it’s completely free!

I was puzzled and asked HOW?

That’s when he introduced me to the OurFreePhone (OFP) service. The Free Phone service that uses SS7 cables unlike any VOIP service, but provides its service free or at substantially lower costs to other calling services.

Here is what he told me - OFP is an innovative business class telephone application that enables you to make FREE calls via the internet connection on your mobile or PC. You can talk from where you are to whomever you want to, anywhere in the world for as long as you desire! OFP to OFP calls are TOTALLY FREE! And moreover, you save up to 80% on calls worldwide to people who do not have OFP! It also allows you to chat on your mobile – so there is no need to end a chat, just because you have left the PC! He said, you can also use it on your land line by connecting it to a broadband line!

My friend immediately offered me a 15 day free trial, which I accepted. That’s when he let me on to his little secret. He told me, OFP is unique in another important manner.

The service grows by the recommendations of delighted customers. So, if you use it, and you are happy with it, and spread the good word amongst your friends; the company actually pays you an appreciation bonus when your friends in turn become paid OFP users! So the low calling charges can become free as you get paid for your referrals. My colleague mentioned that he knew many people who pull in 2, 3 or even upwards of US$ 5000/- regularly from their referrals! Your initial outlay for the service is a mere US$ 29/95.

I have been using OFP for the past ten days and believe me, I have reconnected to so many people with whom I was out of touch. It has earned me many new friends and business contacts, plus a new source of passive income.

I request you to download the OFP application and experience the service.

Make your first free call to me!

This might well be the last time I am writing to you. Because, if you download the application, why write - when we can speak to each other for free, no matter where we are! Of course, you can also keep earning great money in doing so.

Warm regards,

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(Web Express India - 919480001734)


  1. when its coming to India?

  2. Hi,

    it was aleady launched 6 months back, more than 100000 people are using it and also earning Big Money.
    just have a try !!